Craigmillar Park Golf Club

Gents Medal, Ronnie Samuel Memorial Trophy (D,E,H)

Saturday 27th May
Craigmillar Park, Tee - Mens White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

D - Aggregate of best SIXTEEN scratch scores (best 2 from 3) qualify to play for the Gents A Championship

E - Aggregate of best EIGHT scratch scores (best 2 from 3) with handicap index 12.5 and over on day of 1st qualifier, qualify to play for the Gents 'B' Championship;

H - Aggregate of best EIGHT scratch scores (best 2 from 3) from those aged 55 & over on day of 1st qualifier, qualify to play for the Gents Seniors Championship. Senior Players (those aged 55 and over on day of first qualifier) must nominate which championship they wish to be considered for qualification i.e.  'A' or Seniors, 'B' or Seniors as determined by WHS handicap index.    Without nomination, 'A' and 'B' Championships will take precedence if a player has a qualifying score for either championship.


Gents Medal, Ronnie Samuel Memorial Trophy (D,E,H)

Saturday 27th May 2023, Mens White Tees, Craigmillar Park

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Iain Sawers(12) 63
2nd Dean Mitchell(27) 65
3rd Robert Windever(15) 67
4th Douglas Macmillan(14) 67
5th David Ponniah(22) 68
6th Stewart Wilson(24) 68
7th Vic Hanrahan(7) 68
8th Douglas Somerville(12) 68
9th John Malone(15) 69
10th Douglas Jamieson(16) 70
11th Sandy Scott(6) 70
12th Grant Fleming(-2) 70
13th Andrew Stewart(8) 71
14th Richard Lockhart(9) 71
15th Alistair Campbell(8) 71
16th David Gillespie(4) 71
17th Jim MacGregor(19) 71
18th Philip Covell(6) 72
19th Tom Moullaali(9) 72
20th Maurice Allan(8) 72
21st Graham Flight(17) 72
22nd Colin Moore(24) 72
23rd James Duthie(19) 72
24th Gary Hastie(5) 72
25th Mark Donaldson(11) 72
26th Grahame Bingham(11) 73
27th Clifford McDonald(27) 73
28th Robert Grainger(12) 73
29th Chris Thomson(5) 73
30th Craig Lawrie(5) 73
31st Paul Gowans(16) 73
32nd Euan Robertson(24) 74
33rd David Wilson(2) 74
34th Alan McAlpine(13) 74
35th Rab Jackson(10) 74
36th Ian Young(12) 74
37th Rory Deacon(4) 75
38th Brian Reilly(7) 75
39th Iain Carswell(12) 75
40th Alasdair Cameron(8) 75
41st Peter Cochrane(16) 75
42nd Tony Reilly(8) 75
43rd Neil Watts(5) 75
44th Alan Thomson(14) 75
45th James Walker(8) 76
46th John H Kelly(10) 76
47th Tony Gilhooly(12) 77
48th Fraser Gray(7)  Dunbar77
49th James Shaw(10) 77
50th Gregg Carson(5) 77
51st John Humphrey(16) 77
52nd Ian Johnston(7) 77
53rd Tom Macintyre(15) 78
54th Andrew Sijan(17) 78
55th Ewen McDonald(10) 78
56th Graham Dun(20) 78
57th Paul Hamilton(9) 78
58th Steven McPherson(7) 78
59th Brian Hosie(17) 79
60th Joe Mullen(4) 79
61st Norrie Sinclair(17) 79
62nd Jamie Murray(18) 79
63rd James Teskey(2) 80
64th Jeremy Murphy(16) 80
65th Michael Mackenzie(5) 81
66th John Fairgrieve(9) 81
67th Ronald Fox(19) 81
68th John Urquhart(17) 81
69th Roger Dailly(9) 82
70th Ricky Morrison(12) 82
71st Stephen Smith(12) 82
72nd Alan Brown(16) 83
73rd Alan Dunlop(12) 86
74th Brian Murphy(24) NR
75th Craig Robertson(10) NR
76th Bob O'Donnell(30) NR
77th Allan Granger(16) NR
78th Chris Tomarelli(12) NR
79th Bruce Cameron(17) NR
80th Kenneth Lorimer(22) NR
81st Murray Rhind(10) NR
82nd Ian Lang(10) NR
83rd Alex Keighren(18) NR
84th Gary Samuel(11)  DunbarNR
85th Blair Murray(24) NR
86th Ronnie Gorman(15) NR
87th Gary Laing(13) NR
88th Moray Munro(26) NR
89th Michael Dickson(4) NR
90th Mike Corrie(5) DQ Card not returned on time
91st George Hunter(25) DQ No Show
92nd Bryan Davies(5) DQ No Show

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Competition Fees:
  • £1.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
  • £1.50 Per Member (Optional)
  • £1.50 Per Member (Optional)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 92

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